Dubrovnik Croatia is one of those places that it absolutely gorgeous and surprisingly underrated. Even if you have only two or three days in this beautiful city it is enough time to see many of the beautiful sites the city has to offer. Every time we plan a trip to Europe we are always debating if we should squeeze in Croatia. From looking at the city walls to exploring scenes from the Game of Thrones (YES Game of Thrones was filmed in Dubrovnik) there are so many incredible things to do. We highly recommend a stopover in the peaceful city of Dubrovnik.


Dubrovnik’s domineering city walls are one of the things that qualified the city for UNESCO listing and if you watch Game of Thrones you’ll recognize several locations within the city walls. Because of the city walls Dubrovnik is known as “Pearl of the Adriatic”. The white sandstone defenses go back to the 600s, but their current form dates to the 15th century when the fall of Constantinople happened. Walking the ancient city walls of Dubrovnik takes roughly two hours. It actually didn’t feel like two hours because of the interesting information you learn along the tour. The walls that surround the historic center are 2km long. Guided tours will give you extra snippets of historical information so we highly recommend you set off early morning to beat the crowds.


If you are major game of thrones fans like we are the game of thrones tour is a MUST! We recommend diving into an unbelievable experience of GOT where it all took place. Some of the most memorable scenes of GOT were shot in Dubrovnik. Getting a chance to experience the real King’s Landing through the eyes of expert tour guides and learn more behind the scenes information was an experience we would never forget.

For our Game of Thrones tour experience we toured with gotdubrovnik   and got to experience the itinerary below which was absolutely unbelievable!

  • Red Keep
  • Docks of King’s Landing
  • Gates of King’s Landing
  • Littlefinger’s Brothel
  • Sept Baelor
  • There is only one word that can be said here, and the word is: “SHAME”!
  • Spice King of Qarth Palace
  • Walk of Shame
  • Views of Qarth and Duel arena


A quick way to escape the crowds is to catch a ferry ride from the port to the Lokrum Island throughout the day. The beautiful island is just opposite of Dubrovnik. It takes roughly ten minutes to reach the island by ferry. The island is covered almost entirely with green pine forest. The walking trails lead to the coast where the rocky coves are. It is near the coves you will find people swimming and peacocks surrounding the island. Undoubtedly the best view of Dubrovnik that we saw was from the crest of Mount Srd, which is roughtly 412 meters above the city a short way inland. You can experience this view on the cable cars. The cable cars operate until midnight during the summer months. The ride to the top is just a few minutes long. We anticipated taking in beautiful views along the way, but the cable car gets pretty packed so this might not be reality depending on your location in the car. You can buy a one way ticket, round trip ticket, and also tickets that includes a tour of the Croatian Homeland War Museum housed inside of the Imperial Fortress at the top.



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