As much as Vienna is a famous European city, we still feel like it is an underrated European destination. Vienna is much more complex than the beautiful historical buildings and museums. To be honest, we were quite surprised by all of the unexpected sides of Vienna. One of our first unexpected amazements in Vienna was our hotel 25 hours hotel Wien at Museums Quartier.

The unique entrance of bicycles and cameras was something we’ve never seen before in a hotel. Our check in was short and smooth thanks to the very attentive front desk host. It was interesting to see the pictures of the bold circus of artists, clowns, and elephants throughout the hotel. We definitely didn’t find anything cliché about the hotel. It took hardly no time for us to realize just how unique the hotel was. Guests have the luxury of choosing from different surreal and exotic vibrant color rooms by the Berlin based illustrator Olaf Hayek who shaped the design of the 183 guest rooms and 34 suites. The more and more we walked through the hotel the more it reminded us of being submerged in a fun loving circus. Although we visited in fall, we could just imagine how vibrant the hotel would be in spring or summer.

The Room

As we have previously mentioned, one of our favorite moments when visiting a new hotel is stepping into the room for the first time and this hotel certainly didn’t disappoint. Our room was modern, bold, artistic, and comfortable with a large window that overlooked the beautiful streets of Vienna’s Museum Quarters. The view from our room was breathtaking to wake up to every morning. Like many others, we always think the actual room décor is a true hallmark of a hotel and a great way to measure the hotels signature. Our room was an example of extreme unique style that runs throughout the entire hotel. We were so amazed by the unique designs. We truly felt like we had stepped into a cirque de soleil show. Needless to say it was difficult to leave our awesome room to experience the other hotel amenities.

The Crowning Glory

We were blown away by the rooftop terrace at the hotel which we discovered is famous across the city because of the spectacular view of Vienna. Although we didn’t get to try all of the menu items the hotel restaurant had to offer we absolutely LOVED the full service buffet breakfast. The hotel spared no expense for breakfast with over thirty different food options to select from and an omelette station.

The Verdict

Our stay at 25 hours hotel Wien at Museums Quartier was wonderful. Although our stay was short we felt the service, hospitality, facilities, food, and rooms bring you the ultimate unique charm and we would recommend the hotel to anyone looking for a fun loving and different hotel experience.

Thank you to the team at 25 hours hotel Wien at Museums Quartier for your outstanding hospitality.

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